Subjekt Index Vol. 35, 2008

  title={Subjekt Index Vol. 35, 2008},
  author={B. Katthagen and Sven Scheffler and Roland Becker and D. Willkomm and Hermann O. Mayr and Axel Pruss and Biljana Stoilova and Karin Tapernon and Christoph Ahlke and Alexandra M. Mertens and Walter Sibrowski and Dagmar Schilling-Lei{\ss} and Antonia W. Godehardt and Juergen Scherer and Klaus Cichutek and Ralf R T{\"o}njes and Faye Nitschke and Ulrich J Kalus and Jan Schr{\"o}ter and Petra Rieck and Philip Maier and Thomas Reinhard and Gregor Caspari and Detlev H. Kr{\"u}ger and Johannes Bluemel and Micha Nuebling and Ernst-Markus Quenzel and Wolfram Hubert Gerlich and Lutz G{\"u}rtler and Friedger von Auer and Horst Hasskarl and Bita Bakhschai},

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