Subjective quality factors in packet 3D video

  title={Subjective quality factors in packet 3D video},
  author={Lu{\'i}s Pinto and Jo{\~a}o Carreira and S{\'e}rgio M. M. de Faria and Nuno M. M. Rodrigues and Pedro A. Amado Assunç{\~a}o},
  journal={2011 Third International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience},
This paper presents an experimental study on subjective quality of 3D video under packet loss conditions. A priority network is assumed, such that the base view of a stereoscopic video stream is delivered through a guaranteed channel and the auxiliary view is subject to packet losses over a low priority channel. Due to the packetisation scheme, one frame is lost whenever a packet is lost. Three frame concealment methods are proposed to deal with frame losses and seven different 3DTV sequences… CONTINUE READING

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