Subjective and physiological cephalic phase responses to food in obese binge-eating women.


OBJECTIVE The subjective and physiological cephalic phase reactivity to food was investigated in obese binge-eating women. METHOD Eleven obese binge-eating women and 10 obese nonbinge-eating women participated in a cephalic phase response test consisting of baseline, anticipation, food exposure, and free eating periods. Serum insulin, free fatty acids, and plasma glucose concentrations as well as salivation, feeling of hunger, and desire to eat were repeatedly measured during the test. RESULTS During the food exposure, the binge eaters reported more desire to eat than did the nonbinge eaters. No differences were found between the groups in the physiological cephalic phase responses except for the lower salivation in the binge eaters during the food exposure. The amount of food eaten after the food exposure was similar in both groups. DISCUSSION Binge-eating women are characterized by stronger subjective but not stronger physiological cephalic phase reactivity to food.


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