Subharmonic stochastic synchronization and resonance in neuronal systems.

  title={Subharmonic stochastic synchronization and resonance in neuronal systems.},
  author={Dante R. Chialvo and Oscar Calvo and Diego Luis Gonzalez and Oreste Piro and Guillermo V. Savino},
  journal={Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics},
  volume={65 5 Pt 1},
We study the response of a model neuron, driven simultaneously by noise and at least two weak periodic signals. We focus on signals with frequencies components kf(0),(k+1)f(0),...(k+n)f(0) with k>1. The neuron's output is a sequence of pulses spaced at random interpulse intervals. We find an optimum input noise intensity for which the output pulses are spaced approximately 1/f(0), i.e., there is a stochastic resonance (SR) at a frequency missing in the input. Even higher noise intensities… CONTINUE READING

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