Subgingival debridement efficacy of glycine powder air polishing.

  title={Subgingival debridement efficacy of glycine powder air polishing.},
  author={Thomas Frank Flemmig and Marc Hetzel and Heinz Topoll and Joachim Ger\ss and Ingo Haeberlein and Gregor Petersilka},
  journal={Journal of periodontology},
  volume={78 6},
BACKGROUND Glycine powder air polishing (GPAP) has been shown to be significantly more effective in reducing the subgingival cultivable microflora in shallow periodontal pockets compared to curets and is safe when applied directly to root surfaces. The purpose of this study was to assess the subgingival debridement efficacy of GPAP in periodontal pockets with various depths. METHODS In each of 60 patients with severe periodontitis, one tooth with a probing depth (PD) > or =6 mm was randomly… CONTINUE READING


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