Subfrontal Schwannoma: Case Report and Review of Literature.

  title={Subfrontal Schwannoma: Case Report and Review of Literature.},
  author={Vladimir Figueroa-{\'A}ngel and Carlos Alberto Rodr{\'i}guez-Aceves and Willem Guillermo Calder{\'o}n-Miranda and Nidia Escobar-Hernandez and Andrei Fernandes Joaquim and Luis Rafael Moscote-Salazar},
  journal={World neurosurgery},
BACKGROUND Although attributing the origin of schwannomas from the olfactory nerve is nearly impossible, if they do not have Schwann cells, intracranial supratentorial schwannomas are mainly located in the anterior skull base. CASE DESCRIPTION We present the case of a 46-year-old female who presented with right tinnitus, dizziness, and bifrontal headache… CONTINUE READING