Subdural hematoma following spinal cord stimulator implant.

  title={Subdural hematoma following spinal cord stimulator implant.},
  author={Srinivas Chiravuri and Ronald A Wasserman and Amit Chawla and Naeem Haider},
  journal={Pain physician},
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Headache following interventional procedures is a diagnostic challenge due to the multitude of possible etiologies involved. Presentation can be simple (PDPH alone) or complex (exacerbation of pre-existing chronic headache along with PDPH) or headache associated with a new onset intracranial process. Subdural hematoma is a rare complication of cranio-spinal trauma. Cranial subdural hematoma may present in an acute, sub-acute, or chronic fashion. Diagnosis of a subdural hematoma in the wake of a… CONTINUE READING