Subcutaneous hyphomycosis caused by Scytalidium hyalinum.


Scytalidium hyalinum is a hyaline species of the genus Scytalidium. It first was described as a cause of skin and nail infection in humans. In this report, the authors describe the first case of subcutaneous hyphomycosis with multiple cyst formation caused by this fungus. The patient is a 54-year old man who has Reiter's syndrome, liver cirrhosis, and… (More)


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@article{Zaatari1984SubcutaneousHC, title={Subcutaneous hyphomycosis caused by Scytalidium hyalinum.}, author={Ghazi S. Zaatari and Ryan Reed and R Morewessel}, journal={American journal of clinical pathology}, year={1984}, volume={82 2}, pages={252-6} }