Subcutaneous and intramuscular cysticercosis: high-resolution sonography.

  title={Subcutaneous and intramuscular cysticercosis: high-resolution sonography.},
  author={Amit Mittal and Sanjeev Kumar Gupta and Sunita Sarawagi Rakesh Agrawal Ashish Gupta and Vinod Kumar Mehta},
  journal={Indian journal of dermatology, venereology and leprology},
  volume={75 5},
Sir, We read the article ‘Subcutaneous nodules preceding convulsions due to neural cysticercosis’ by Singrodia et al.[1] They had rightly pointed out that the prerequisite for successful treatment of cysticercosis with anthelminthics is early diagnosis; however, they did excisional biopsy for the diagnosis. Here, we want to draw the kind attention to a very important non-invasive diagnostic technique for subcutaneous and intramuscular cysticercosis i.e. high-resolution sonography.