Subconjunctival administration of soframycin in the treatment of corneal infections.


THE properties of Soframycin, an antibiotic extracted from the mould Streptomyces decaris, were first evaluated by Massenat-Derouche (1954). Its properties in relation to the eye and its effect upon experimentally produced corneal infections were described by Ainslie and Henderson (1958). It was found to be especially effective against staphylococcal infections but was active too against many Gram-negative bacilli. While Soframycin may be used topically as an ointment or drops in the treatment of superficial ocular infections, it has no particular advantage in this respect over other broad-spectrum antibiotics. It appeared to be almost completely non-irritant when injected subconjunctivally in the rabbit in doses ofup to 500 mg., and it was this lack of irritation following experimental subconjunctival injection that made it seem ideal for administration by this route in clinical practice.

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