Subclinical signs in LRRK2 mutation carriers.

  title={Subclinical signs in LRRK2 mutation carriers.},
  author={Krisztina Kunszt Johansen and Linda Rosemary White and Matthew John Farrer and Jan O Aasly},
  journal={Parkinsonism & related disorders},
  volume={17 7},
BACKGROUND Several non-motor features have been reported to precede the motor signs of Parkinson's disease (PD) by several years. However, the time of onset of non-motor and motor symptoms is still debated. Healthy individuals carrying a PD-related mutation are candidates for studying the earliest disease signs. OBJECTIVES To describe clinically healthy family members of PD patients carrying a LRRK2 mutation (LRRK2-PD). METHODS A total of 47 family members of LRRK2-PD patients were included… CONTINUE READING
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