Subcellular-membrane characterization of [3H]ryanodine-binding sites in smooth muscle.

  title={Subcellular-membrane characterization of [3H]ryanodine-binding sites in smooth muscle.},
  author={Zhen-kiang Zhang and Chiu-yin Kwan and Edwin E. Daniel},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={290 ( Pt 1)},
The plant alkaloid ryanodine, known to interact selectively with the intracellular Ca(2+)-release channel in skeletal and cardiac muscles, has been repeatedly reported to affect smooth-muscle contractile functions that are consistent with its intracellular action at the Ca(2+)-release channel sites. Direct evidence for the binding of [3H]ryanodine to smooth-muscle membranes is sparse. Following our recent detailed characterization of functional effects of ryanodine and a preliminary report on… CONTINUE READING


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