Subcapsular hepatic necrosis in liver transplantation: CT appearance.

  title={Subcapsular hepatic necrosis in liver transplantation: CT appearance.},
  author={Jo{\"e}l Ab{\'e}cassis and Dani{\`e}le M. Pariente and Vincent Hazebroucq and Didier P Houssin and Yves Chapuis and Andr{\'e} Bonnin},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={156 5},
Eleven cases of subcapsular hepatic necrosis were found in 47 hepatic transplantation patients who underwent CT examination between the second and 14th postoperative day. CT examinations of all 11 cases showed nonenhancing hypodense subcapsular areas with irregular contours in the liver. Major vessels were free of obstruction. Anatomic correlation, possible in one case, confirmed the diagnosis. Size disproportion between the graft and the recipient abdominal cavity reduced hepatic blood flow… CONTINUE READING