Subband adaptive filtering applied to acoustic feedback reduction in hearing aids

  title={Subband adaptive filtering applied to acoustic feedback reduction in hearing aids},
  author={M. G. Siqueira and Richard E Speece and E. Petsalis and A. Alwan and Sig Soli and Shesheng Gao},
  journal={Conference Record of The Thirtieth Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers},
  pages={788-792 vol.1}
Acoustic feedback is a problem in hearing aids that contain a substantial amount of gain, such as hearing aids that are used in conjunction with vented or open molds and in-the-ear hearing adds. Acoustic feedback is both annoying and reduces the maximum usable gain of hearing-aid devices. This paper models the time-varying acoustic feedback path for hearing aids before performing a systematic evaluation of acoustic feedback reduction techniques through perceptual experiments. It is shown that… CONTINUE READING
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