Subband/Transform coding using filter bank designs based on time domain aliasing cancellation

  title={Subband/Transform coding using filter bank designs based on time domain aliasing cancellation},
  author={John Princen and A. W. Johnson and Alan B. Bradley},
  journal={ICASSP '87. IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing},
A new, oddly stacked, critically sampled, single side-band (SSB) [7] analysis/synthesis system based on Time Domain Aliasing Cancellation (TDAC) [1],[2] is described in this paper. The specifications for the analysis and synthesis filter responses are developed and a number of designs which satisfy the reconstruction requirements are described. The application of TDAC systems to Subband/Transform coding is also discussed and the objective performance of a 32 band coder using several different… 

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A key feature of this filter structure is that the number of multiplies, adds, and stored coefficients required for implementation is significantly less than those needed for the conventional QMF structure, given the same number of channels.
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N . S . Jayant , " Adaptive Quantization with a One Word Memory " , BSTJ . Vol . 52 , No . 7
  • 1978