Subaru Deep Spectroscopy of the Very Extended Emission-Line Region of NGC 4388: Ram Pressure Stripped Gas Ionized by Nuclear Radiation*

  title={Subaru Deep Spectroscopy of the Very Extended Emission-Line Region of NGC 4388: Ram Pressure Stripped Gas Ionized by Nuclear Radiation*},
  author={M. Yoshida and Youichi Ohyama and Masanori Iye and Kentaro Aoki and Nobunari Kashikawa and T. Sasaki and Kazuhiro Shimasaku and Masafumi Yagi and Sadanori Okamura and Mamoru Doi and Hisanori Furusawa and Masaru Hamabe and Masahiko Kimura and Yutaka Komiyama and Masayuki Miyazaki and Satoshi Miyazaki and Fumiaki Nakata and Masami Ouchi and Maki Sekiguchi and N. Yasuda Naoj and Tokyo Tech Univ and Japan Women's Univ. and K.Hirtotani Yamagata Univ},
  journal={The Astronomical Journal},
We report here the results of deep optical spectroscopy of the very extended emission-line region (VEELR) found serendipitously around the Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 4388 in the Virgo Cluster using the Subaru Telescope. The Hrecession velocities of most of the filaments of the region observed are highly blueshifted with respect to the systemic velocity of the galaxy. The velocity field is complicated, and from the kinematic and morphological points of view, there seem to be several streams of… 
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