Subarachnoid hemorrhage in childhood and adolescence.

  title={Subarachnoid hemorrhage in childhood and adolescence.},
  author={Margaret D Hourihan and Peter C. Gates and V. L. McAllister},
  journal={Journal of neurosurgery},
  volume={60 6},
The authors have reviewed 167 cases of subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) occurring in patients aged 20 years and younger in a 23-year period. The modes of presentation and etiology of SAH are similar in childhood and adolescence and in the adult population, but there was a different incidence of the specific pathology producing the bleeding in this series. Twenty-six percent of cases were due to bleeding arteriovenous malformations, 52% were due to ruptured aneurysms, and in 19% no cause was found… CONTINUE READING
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