Sub-micromorphology of the epicuticle of hornets: AFM studies.

  title={Sub-micromorphology of the epicuticle of hornets: AFM studies.},
  author={Jacob S Ishayl and Luba Litinetsky and Vitaly Pertsis and Z Barkay and Eshel Ben-Jacob},
  journal={Journal of electron microscopy},
  volume={51 1},
The upper part of the hornet cuticle in the abdominal region reveals several structures. First, situated at intervals of 10 microm or more apart, there are depressions housing a peripheral photoreceptor (PP) and between every two of these, there are horizontal flats resembling an irregular polygon which are mostly elongated and about 100 microm2 in area. Upon each such terrace-like flat there are tile-shaped protuberances up to several micrometres in length and mostly running parallel to one… CONTINUE READING

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