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Sub-Linear Privacy-Preserving Near-Neighbor Search with Untrusted Server on Large-Scale Datasets

  title={Sub-Linear Privacy-Preserving Near-Neighbor Search with Untrusted Server on Large-Scale Datasets},
  author={M. Riazi and Beidi Chen and Anshumali Shrivastava and D. Wallach and F. Koushanfar},
  journal={arXiv: Cryptography and Security},
In Near-Neighbor Search (NNS), a new client queries a database (held by a server) for the most similar data (near-neighbors) given a certain similarity metric. The Privacy-Preserving variant (PP-NNS) requires that neither server nor the client shall learn information about the other party's data except what can be inferred from the outcome of NNS. The overwhelming growth in the size of current datasets and the lack of a truly secure server in the online world render the existing solutions… Expand
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