Sub 5 ps SiGe bipolar technology

  title={Sub 5 ps SiGe bipolar technology},
  author={Josef Bock and Herbert Schafer and Herbert Knapp and Dietmar Zoschg and Klaus Aufinger and Martin Wurzer and S. Boguth and Mirjana Rest and R. Schreiter and Robert P. Stengl and T. F. Meister},
  journal={Digest. International Electron Devices Meeting,},
A SiGe bipolar technology for mixed digital and analog RF applications is presented. Balanced device performance is achieved with a transit frequency f/sub T/ of 155 GHz at a collector emitter breakdown voltage BV/sub CEO/ of 1.9 V, a maximum oscillation frequency f/sub max/ of 167 GHz, and 4.7 ps ring oscillator gate delay. With a 99 GHz dynamic frequency divider and a 19 GHz LNA with 2.2 dB noise figure state-of-the-art results for high-speed digital and analog applications are demonstrated. 
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