Sub-1V Oguey's Current Reference Without Resistance

  title={Sub-1V Oguey's Current Reference Without Resistance},
  author={Fabrice Guigues and Edith Kussener and Alexandre Malherbe and Benjamin Duval},
  journal={2006 13th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems},
The circuit proposed in this paper allows to generate a sub-1V 50 nA current reference. By changing the inversion mode of two transistors, the original Oguey's structure becomes compliant with ultra low voltage requirements, while preserving the topology inherent simplicity, guarantee of low cost. Furthermore, the use of EKV2.0 MOS model involves an inversion level free study. As a consequence, supply voltage and/or silicon area can be optimized unambiguously in regards to current target and… CONTINUE READING