Sub-10 nm carbon nanotube transistor

  title={Sub-10 nm carbon nanotube transistor},
  author={Aaron D. Franklin and Shu-jen Han and George S. Tulevski and Mathieu Luisier and Chris M. Breslin and L. M. Gignac and Mark S. Lundstrom and Wilfried E. Haensch},
  journal={2011 International Electron Devices Meeting},
This first demonstration of CNT transistors with channel lengths down to 9 nm shows substantially better scaling behavior than theoretically expected. Numerical simulations suggest that a possible explanation for the surprisingly good performance is a result of the gate modulating both the charge in the channel and in the contact regions. The unprecedented performance should ignite exciting new research into improving the purity and placement of nanotubes, as well as optimizing CNT transistor… 

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Enhanced performance of short-channel carbon nanotube field-effect transistors due to gate-modulated electrical contacts.

It is shown that the gate strongly modulates the contact properties, an effect that is distinct from that observed in Schottky barrier carbon nanotube transistors, and this modulation of the contacts by the gate allows for the realization of superior subthreshold swings for short channels, and improved scaling behavior.

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High-performance solution-processed nanotube transistors with a 15 nm channel length obtained by combining a top-gate structure and gate insulators made of a high-dielectric-constant ZrO(2) film yields a performance comparable to that obtained with CVD nanotubes transistors, which indicates the potential for using solution- Processed SWNTs for future aggressively scaled transistor technology.

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