Sub-10-nm Fin-Width Self-Aligned InGaAs FinFETs

  title={Sub-10-nm Fin-Width Self-Aligned InGaAs FinFETs},
  author={A. Vardi and Jesx00FAs A. del Alamo},
  journal={IEEE Electron Device Letters},
We study the scaling properties of self-aligned InGaAs FinFETs with sub-10-nm fin widths fabricated through a CMOS compatible front-end process. Working devices with fins as narrow as 7 nm, fin aspect ratios in excess of 5, and gate lengths as short as 20 nm have been fabricated using precision dry etching and digital etch. The devices feature self-aligned metal contacts that are 20-30 nm away from the edge of the gate. FinFETs with Lg = 30 nm, Wf = 7 nm, and channel height of 40 nm exhibit a… CONTINUE READING
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