Style and intensity of hydration among C-complex asteroids: A comparison to desiccated carbonaceous chondrites

  title={Style and intensity of hydration among C-complex asteroids: A comparison to desiccated carbonaceous chondrites},
  author={S. Potin and P. Beck and F. Usui and L. Bonal and P. Vernazza and B. Schmitt},
  • S. Potin, P. Beck, +3 authors B. Schmitt
  • Published 2020
  • Materials Science, Physics
  • Icarus
  • Abstract Here we report a comparison between reflectance spectroscopy of meteorites under asteroidal environment (high vacuum and temperature) and Main Belt and Near Earth Asteroids spectra. Focusing on the –OH absorption feature around 3 μm, we show that the asteroidal environment induces a reduction of depth and width of the band, as well as a shift of the reflectance minimum. We then decompose the –OH feature into several components with a new model using Exponentially Modified Gaussians… CONTINUE READING
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