Style and Ethics of Communication in Science and Engineering

  title={Style and Ethics of Communication in Science and Engineering},
  author={Jay D. Humphrey and Jeffrey W. Holmes},
  booktitle={Style and Ethics of Communication in Science and Engineering},
Abstract Scientists and engineers seek to discover and disseminate knowledge so that it can be used to improve the human condition. Style and Ethics of Communication in Science and Engineering serves as a valuable aid in this pursuit—it can be used as a textbook for undergraduate or graduate courses on technical communication and ethics, a reference book for senior design courses, or a handbook for young investigators and beginning faculty members. In addition to presenting methods for writing… 

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The passive voice in scientific writing. The current norm in science journals

The proportion of passives in scientific writing may stabilize at about 30%, and it is unlikely to dramatically drop any further since the trend suggests that passives are still widely used in the methodology section.

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There seems to be a gap between editors' criteria for authorship and researchers' practice, and researchers give more weight than editors to practical research contributions to research.

Ethical issues in biomedical research: Perceptions and practices of postdoctoral research fellows responding to a survey

It is indicated that the research environment is a powerful component of a trainee’s experience and ethical development and is positively associated with willingness to grant undeserved authorship.

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Focus on the “normal misbehaviors” that are part of the ordinary life of researchers allows us to see the way the organization of science generates both compliance and deviance from ethical norms.

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This study assessed researchers' published self-reports of their contributions to original research articles in The Lancet, and examined how actual contributions correlated with the order of names on the byline, fulfilled the criteria of authorship as defined by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (the Vancouver Group), and differed between the bylines and the acknowledgments section.

Misrepresentation and responsibility in medical research.

The analysis of this case leads to the conclusion that research fraud, although probably rare, in view of the size of the research establishment, may evade detection, and that there are scientists prepared to run the appreciable risk of submitting inaccurate statements for publication.

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A substantial proportion of articles in peer-reviewed medical journals demonstrate evidence of honorary authors or ghost authors.

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