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Stuttgart Bachelorarbeit Application Performance Monitoring in Microservice-Based Systems

  title={Stuttgart Bachelorarbeit Application Performance Monitoring in Microservice-Based Systems},
  author={Valentin Seifermann},
Nowadays, cloud computing including its functionality and service delivery model, turned into a common paradigm to provide on-demand IT resources and scalability. This also leads to a change of architecture from monolithic systems to a microservice-based architecture with high scalability and elasticity as well as independent developments and deployments. Due to this change, IT environments are getting more complex and highly distributed. Thus, the requirements of Application Performance… Expand
Deploying the observability of the SigSaude system using service mesh
This paper proposes the use of an integrated and scalable service mesh-based architecture to be incorporated into a health platform project whose main objective is to increase the observability capabilities of the system, allowing the contextualized monitoring of transactions between the various microservices. Expand


Performance Engineering for Microservices: Research Challenges and Directions
This paper argues why new solutions to performance engineering for microservices are needed and identifies open issues and outline possible research directions with regard to performance-aware testing, monitoring, and modeling of microservices. Expand
Micro-Services: A Service-Oriented Paradigm for Scalable, Distributed Data Management
This chapter defines server-side functions, called micro-services, which are orchestrated into conditional workflows for achieving large-scale data management specific to collections of data and describes the use of micro- services for implementing policy-based data management systems. Expand
CASPA: A Platform for Comparability of Architecture-Based Software Performance Engineering Approaches
CASPA is presented, a ready-to-use and extensible evaluation platform that already includes example applications and state-of-the-art SPE components, such as monitoring and model extraction, and explicitly provides interfaces to replace applications and components by custom(ized) components. Expand
Building Microservices
This book takes a holistic view of the topics that system architects and administrators must consider when building, managing, and evolving microservice architectures. Expand
Dapper, a Large-Scale Distributed Systems Tracing Infrastructure
Modern Internet services are often implemented as complex, large-scale distributed systems. These applications are constructed from collections of software modules that may be developed by differentExpand
Application Performance Management: State of the Art and Challenges for the Future
An overview of the state of the art in APM in industrial practice and academic research is provided, current challenges are highlighted, and future research directions are outlined. Expand
A Dashboard for Microservice Monitoring and Management
  • Benjamin Mayer, R. Weinreich
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • 2017 IEEE International Conference on Software Architecture Workshops (ICSAW)
  • 2017
An experimental dashboard for microservice monitoring and management is presented and the main motivation for developing the dashboard is described, the basic concepts are explained and important usage scenarios and views currently supported in the dashboard are presented. Expand
Research on Architecting Microservices: Trends, Focus, and Potential for Industrial Adoption
This paper systematically defines a classification framework for categorizing the research on architecting microservices and rigorously applies it to the 71 selected studies and synthesize the obtained data to produce a clear overview of the state of the art. Expand
Kieker: a framework for application performance monitoring and dynamic software analysis
The Kieker framework is reviewed, focusing on its features, its provided extension points for custom components, as well the imposed monitoring overhead. Expand
Cloud computing: state-of-the-art and research challenges
A survey of cloud computing is presented, highlighting its key concepts, architectural principles, state-of-the-art implementation as well as research challenges to provide a better understanding of the design challenges of cloud Computing and identify important research directions in this increasingly important area. Expand