Study the Field of View Influence on the Monchromatic and Polychromatic Image Quality of a Human Eye

  title={Study the Field of View Influence on the Monchromatic and Polychromatic Image Quality of a Human Eye},
  author={Adeeb Mansoor Qasim and Mohammad Aljanabi and Shahreen Kasim and Mohd Arfian Bin Ismail and Taufik Gusman},
  journal={JOIV : International Journal on Informatics Visualization},
In this paper, the effect of the eye field of view (known as F.O.V.) on the performance and quality of the image of the human eye is studied, analyzed, and presented in detail. The image quality of the retinal is numerically analyzed using the eye model of Liou and Brennan with this polymer contact lens. The image, which is in digital form were collected from various sources such as from photos, text structure, manuscripts, and graphics. These images were obtained from scanned documents or from… 
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