Study on triterpenes from roots of Actinidia deliciosa

  title={Study on triterpenes from roots of Actinidia deliciosa},
  author={Yin Lian},
Objective To investigate the chemical constituents from the roots of Actinidia deliciosa.Methods With 95% ethanol as the extraction solvent,various chromatography techniques were used to separate and purify the constituents and the structures were identified based on spectroscopic data.Results Three compounds were isolated from the roots of A.deliciosa and identified as lupa-12,20(30)-diene-2β,3β,28-triol(1),2α,3β,19α,24-tetrahydroxy-12-en-28-ursolic acid(2),and 2α,3β,23,27-tetrahydroxy-12en-28… CONTINUE READING