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Study on the supernumerary heads of biceps brachii muscle in Nepalese.

  title={Study on the supernumerary heads of biceps brachii muscle in Nepalese.},
  author={P. P. Poudel and C. Bhattarai},
  journal={Nepal Medical College journal : NMCJ},
  volume={11 2},
  • P. P. Poudel, C. Bhattarai
  • Published 2009
  • Medicine
  • Nepal Medical College journal : NMCJ
  • Biceps brachii is a double headed muscle. In terms of number and morphology of its head, it is one of the most variable muscles in the human body. Most common variation is third head, but four, five or even seven heads have been reported. In this study, 32 arms from 16 Nepalese cadavers were studied; supernumerary heads of biceps brachii were observed in 12.5% of 32 arms. Among these three headed biceps brachii was presented on 6.2% and the four headed was also on the same percentage. All the… CONTINUE READING
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