Study on the source of Cr in Jiaozhou Bay

  title={Study on the source of Cr in Jiaozhou Bay},
  author={Dongfang Yang and Sixi Zhu and Fengyou Wang and Youfu Wu and Huazhong He},
  journal={2014 IEEE Workshop on Advanced Research and Technology in Industry Applications (WARTIA)},
This paper analyzed the content, distribution and source of Cr in surface waters in Jiaozhou Bay in 1982. Results showed that Cr content in April, June, July and October, ranged from 0.81-2.11μg.L<sup>-1</sup>, 0.33-9.67μg.L<sup>-1</sup>, 1.02-9.62μg.L<sup>-1</sup> and 0.24-1.35μg.L<sup>-1</sup>, respectively, complied with Grade I (50.00μg.L<sup>-1</sup>) in Sea water quality standard (GB 3097-1997) of China, indicating that Jiaozhou Bay was very lightly polluted by Cr in 1982. Both point and… CONTINUE READING