Study on the polarimetric characteristics of the Lop Nur arid area using PolSAR data

  title={Study on the polarimetric characteristics of the Lop Nur arid area using PolSAR data},
  author={Zhihong Gao and Huaze Gong and Xu Zhou and Yun Shao and Minghuan Yuan},
The quantitative study of the arid Lop Nur lake basin is significant to investigate the environmental changes in the arid area of northwestern China and extremely arid areas of Eurasia in general. Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery, with its penetration capability and advantages for studying geological phenomena on a large spatial scale, is very suitable for analyzing the subsurface of the Lop Nur area. Based on the full polarimetric ALOS PALSAR data and field investigation, it was found… CONTINUE READING


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