[Study on the phenomenon of splashes and sprays from virology].


OBJECTIVE To investigate the phenomenon of accidental splashes and sprays from manipulation of recombinant virus material and to measure the approximate spilled distance when recombinant virus material inadvertently dropped in the biosafety laboratory. METHODS first, two groups owning different experience simulated the course of accidental spills and splashes by recombinant adenovirus (rADV) which expressed green fluorescence protein (GFP), the GFP signal were observed in 96 well cell plate after spills appeared; Second, the routine two heights (75 cm and 110 cm) and capacity (1 ml, 1.5 ml, 4 ml and 8 ml) of virus were chose to simulate the experiment of unexpected dropping. RESULTS First, the positive quantity of the first group owning 5 years' experience is much less than the second group owning 2 years' work experience, the former was 7 positive wells, the latter was 81 positive when they used the pipette to operation. Second, when the unclosed test tubes (1 ml, 1.5 ml, 4 ml and 8 ml recombinant virus) inadvertently dropped, the largest spill distance was 0.92 m, 1.57 m, 2.63 m and2.68 m respectively. CONCLUSION The better experience is important to make sure safety when we make infectious material; the contaminated distance increased with the amount of recombinant virus material.

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