[Study on the neutralization capacity of different types of human measles virus vaccine and the epidemic strains].


OBJECTIVE To explore the neutralization capacities of different types of human serum to measles virus epidemic strains and vaccine strain. METHODS Neutralization antibody (NT) to Shanghai 191 and measles virus isolates in 2005 were tested using acute and convalescent serum samples from diagnosed measles patients, children serum samples collected before and after vaccination and serum samples of migrant residents, from 3 different regions. Additionally, animal immune serum referring to vaccine strain and 3 epidemic strains were prepared and used to undergo crossing neutralization test with corresponding strains mentioned-above. Antigenic ratios were calculated. RESULTS GMT value of NT of after-immune serum to vaccine strains was 50.82,1.86 times higher than that to MVi/ZJ/05/7 (GMT was 27.35), whereas GMT value of convalescent serum to MVi/ZJ/05/7 (GMT was 386.95) was obviously higher than that to vaccine strain (GMT was 1:151.83),and GMT value of migrant residents' serum in 3 regions to MVi/ZJ/05/7 were 2.22-4.17 times lower than that to vaccine strain. Meanwhile,the antigenic ratios between MVi/ZJ/ 99/1, MVi/ZJ/04/1, MVi/ZJ/05/7 and vaccine strain were found to be 4.28,5.24 and 5.66 respectively. Additionally,low NT titers to vaccine strain were found in patients' acute sera and GMT value was over 1:4. CONCLUSION There were obvious differences on neutralization antibody of different types of serum to measles vaccine strain and epidemic strains which indicating the antigenic diversity of epidemic strains had influenced the protective effectiveness of vaccine antibody to epidemic strains. It was of significance to carry on research projects on the antigenic diversity and effectiveness of measles vaccine.

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