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Study on the feasibility of exterior vascular laser irradiation therapy

  title={Study on the feasibility of exterior vascular laser irradiation therapy},
  author={R. Chen and S. Xie and H. Li and B. Li and Y. Chen and X. Zhang and H. Chen and X. Xia and A. Ling},
In order to study the exterior vascular laser irradiation therapy for replacing the intravascular laser irradiation therapy, we measure the distribution of radiant fluence rate in exterior vascular laser irradiation in vivo and imitative intravascular laser irradiation. The result shows that the average radiant fluence rate of exterior vascular and intravascular is 1.11 and 10.81 respectively, which is ten times between them. In order to get the radiant fluence rate corresponding to the… Expand
Tissue optics related with laser irradiation blood therapy
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Evaluation of low-intensity laser external radiotherapy through thermal texture mapping (TTM) technology
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Photobiomodulation on alcohol induced dysfunction
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