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Study on the biological conservation of Agehana elwesi (Leech).

  title={Study on the biological conservation of Agehana elwesi (Leech).},
  author={Hu Guohua and Li Mi and Zhou Hongchun},
  journal={Journal of Hunan Agricultural University},
Based on breeding in laboratory and surveying in field,the biological and ecological characteristics of Agehana elwesi(Leech,1889),were studied.It is an endemic and nationally endangered butterfly species in China,having two generations per year in South China and overwinters as pupa.Its larva has five instars which need 58-69 days to be mature,and the overwintering stage lasts 6-7 months.April to May and June to August are the time when they become adults.The biological and ecological… 
Study on the bionomics and habitat ofLuehdorfia taibai(Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)
The life history, behavior, life table, ovipositional environment requirements and essential factor of the habitat of Luehdorfia taibai in its wild state are analyzed and the causes it is endangered and a protection plan is developed.
Complete mitochondrial genome of Papilio elwesi and its phylogenetic analyses with other swallowtail butterflies (Lepidoptera, Papilionidae)
The results further confirm that P. elwesi is a member of the subgenus Pterourus in Papilio sensu lato and performed mitogenomic phylogenetic analyses of 34 swallowtail species employing methods of Bayesian inference and maximum-likelihood.