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Study on the Main Nutrition Elements of Ovidutus Ranae

  title={Study on the Main Nutrition Elements of Ovidutus Ranae},
  author={Hu Yao-hui},
  journal={Food Science},
In this paper, Oviductus Ranae was tested in the main nutrition elements. The results showed, there are diverse bioactive substances in Oviductus Ranae. Protein makes up 50 percence, vitamin E 100.5mg/g,HCG 107.5μg/g,estradiol 25.03μg/g,and there are diverse trace elements and vitamins. 
Traditional Uses, Bioactive Constituents, Biological Functions, and Safety Properties of Oviductus ranae as Functional Foods in China
The traditional uses, bioactive constituents, biological functions, and safety properties of OR as functional foods in China were summarized and discussed and it is expected that this review will provide useful information for anyone who is interested in OR. Expand
Toxicological evaluation of Oviductus ranae: Acute, sub-acute and genotoxicity studies in mice and rats.
Oviductus ranae is a tranditional Chinese medicine with high safety and has no mutagenicity in vitro at a limited dose of 5000μg/plate, and dose not induce micronuclei and sperm malformation in mice at the dose of up to 10.0g/kg BW in mice. Expand