Study on the Fault Diagnosis Method of the Five-Axis Rotor-Helicopter

  title={Study on the Fault Diagnosis Method of the Five-Axis Rotor-Helicopter},
  author={Yuhao Ding and Yong Xu and Yuan Zhong},
  booktitle={WCNA 2017},
  • Yuhao Ding, Yong Xu, Yuan Zhong
  • Published in WCNA 2017
  • Computer Science
  • In this paper, a new model of five-axis rotor helicopter is presented, and the dynamic modeling is carried out. On this basis, for five-axis rotor- helicopter might happen in the motor and blade single fault situation, proportional integral observer was designed and used to on jammed, rotational speed mutation and efficiency decrease fault and diagnosis, which provide the possibility for fault-tolerant control system design. 

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