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Study on the Effect of Endosulfan on Testosterone Level and Seminiferous Tubule of Testis of Mice

  title={Study on the Effect of Endosulfan on Testosterone Level and Seminiferous Tubule of Testis of Mice},
  author={Akhileshwari Nath and Arun Kumar and Ranjit Kumar},
The increasing knowledge of the reproductive toxicity of environmental chemicals has raised public concern as to whether the current use of pesticides could adversely affect human reproduction. Among pesticides and their related chemicals, organochlorine insecticides have so far drawn the primary attention. Endosulfan is widely used pesticide due to its quick effect on insects. Endosulfan formulations are used in commercial agriculture and home gardening. They are also used for wood… 

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Ameliorative Effect of Selenium against Endosulfan Induced Toxicity in Sertoli Cells of Mice

  • Biology
  • 2018
There was significant restoration in the sertoli cells at the cellular as well as sub cellular levels denotes that selenium possesses restorative property, which acts as one of the best antidote against endosulfan induced cellular toxicity.


The present study aimed to illustrate the effect of the immunostimulant, immunex DS and IDS + hepatitis B infection on serum testosterone level in male swiss albino mice. Testosterone level was

Abnormality in Microtubules Due to Effect of Endosulfan Toxicity Leads to Asthenozoospermia in SWISS Albino Mice

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  • 2016
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Effects of Eccentric Strength Training's Duration on Daily Plasma Testosterone Levels in Tunisian Male Sedentary Athletes

It is concluded that depletion of athletes during daily eccentric strength training reduces the testosterone production and moderate exercises do that to increase the synthesis in the latter.

Effects of Eccentric Strength Training's Time on Daily Plasma Testosterone Levels among Tunisian Sedentary Athletes

The results have shown that eccentric physical training induces the increase of this steroid hormone in the two groups of athletes and the training in the evening promotes better its production.



Chronic effect of endosulfan on the testicular functions of rat.

In pubertal rats, endosulfan treatment inhibits the testicular functions, and the specific activity of testicular steroidogenic enzyme, 3beta-OH-steroid dehydrogenase and the ascorbic acid level were decreased, which were correlated with a decrease in steroidogenesis.

The pesticides endosulfan, toxaphene, and dieldrin have estrogenic effects on human estrogen-sensitive cells.

The E-screen test revealed that estrogenic chemicals may act cumulatively; when mixed together they induce estrogenic responses at concentrations lower than those required when each compound is administered alone.

Endosulfan-induced biochemical changes in the testis of rats.

Endosulfan caused impairment in testicular functions by altering activities of the enzymes responsible for spermatogenesis, thereby influencing intratesticular sperMatid count and causing low sperm production and sperm deformity.

Hormones: what the testis really sees.

  • B. Setchell
  • Biology, Medicine
    Reproduction, fertility, and development
  • 2004
The best predictor of testosterone concentrations around cells in the testis is the level of testosterone in testicular venous blood, the collection of which for testosterone analysis is a reasonably simple procedure in experimental animals and should be substituted for tissue sampling.

Ultrastructure and morphometry of testicular Leydig cells and the interstitial components correlated with testosterone in aging rats

The present analysis suggests that the ability of SER to maintain peripheral testosterone concentration decreases with age, and suggests that peroxisomes have a role in testosterone secretion by Leydig cells.

Genetic screening of infertile men.

The aim is to develop the strategies for identifying new genetic causes of idiopathic male infertility and defining genotypes associated with specific defects in semen parameters and testicular pathologies that will form the basis of new genetic tests that will allow the clinician to make an accurate diagnosis of the male partner and a more informed decision about treatment options for the couple.

Genetic screening of karyotypes and azoospermic factors for infertile men who are candidates for ICSI.

The overall incidence of chromosomal abnormalities was 8%. There was no single distinctive feature of semen parameters predictive of the existence of a chromosomal anomaly. All of the patients with

Endosulfan monograph number four: Environmental health evaluations of California restricted pesticides

  • Dolinger,
  • 1982

Interferance of Endosulfan on Golgi complex action during acrosome formation in spermatozoa of mice

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  • 2007

Transmission electron microscopic study of ovarian follicular degeneration due to endosulfan treatment in Swiss albino mice

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  • 2007