Study on sexual maturity and levels of gonad steroid hormones in female kutum Rutilus frisii kutum (Kamenskii, 1901) during spawning season from river Sefid-Rood of the southern Caspian sea

  title={Study on sexual maturity and levels of gonad steroid hormones in female kutum Rutilus frisii kutum (Kamenskii, 1901) during spawning season from river Sefid-Rood of the southern Caspian sea},
  author={Shafiei Sabet Saeed and Imanpoor and S. Gorgin},
Sexual maturity and levels of two main steroid hormones in gonads, 17estradiol (E2) and testosterone (T) relations which occur in female kutum Rutilus frisii kutum during spawning season from the river Sefid-Rood of the southern Caspian sea were studied using histological and radioimmunoassay. The study was carried out from February to May, 2008 using 105 fish specimen. The results of present study revealed that changes in plasma levels of gonadal steroids, (E2) and (T) were closely correlated… 

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Plasma sex steroid hormonal profile and gonad histology during the annual reproductive cycle of river catfish Hemibagrus nemurus (Valenciennes, 1840) in captivity

Gonad histology revealed that spermatozoa were always present in the testes which implied continuous spermatogenesis and asynchronous ovarian development pattern was observed in the ovaries and indicate that H. nemurus is a non-seasonal breeder with several spawning cycles and can be referred to as indeterminate batch spawner.

The profiles of sex Steroid Hormones in females of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) and their correlation with ovarian growth

Both Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) play an important role during the annual cycle for growth oocyte and is necessary for maturation and successful in propagation process.

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The increase of egg diameter along with development of gonad maturity stage indicated that egg development occurred due to the process of vitellogenesis and the addition of egg yolk on oocyte.

Spawning induction in Kutum, Rutilus frisii kutum (Kamensky), with different hormones: Analysis of hormone profiles and induced spawning success

It is revealed that a combined sGnRHa and dopamine antagonist can improve the effectiveness of artificial reproduction of Kutum and has the most effective in inducing ovulation.

Study the seasonal steroid hormones of common carp in Caspian Sea, Iran

Investigation of serum steroid hormones in 12 female of the migratory population of Common carp in southeast of Caspian Sea revealed that changes in levels of steroid hormones, (E2) and (T) were closely correlated to ovarian development.

Study of Endocrine Factors Influencing the Reproductive Stages of Indian Salmon, Eleutheronema tetradactylum

  • Biology
  • 2020
The results suggest that IRb might be playing a significant role in the gonad of male and female salmon, and endocrine factors such as steroid hormones and peptides might have their own role to contribute in the reproduction of E. tetradactylum.

Effects of Ovaprim, Pituitary Gland Extract and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin on Testosterone, 11-Ketotestosterone,and 17β-Estradiol hormones of catfish (Clarias gariepinus)

This study closely inspected the effects of ovaprim, pituitary gland extract, and human chorionic gonadotropin on 11ketotestosterone, and 17β-estradiol hormones and showed that T1 was better than T2, but T2 was betterthan T3 in all reproductive performance parameters.

Seasonal changes of blood serum biochemistry in relation to sexual maturation of female common carp (Cyprinus carpio)

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    Comparative Clinical Pathology
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It is suggested that sexual maturation can affect biochemical variations of fish blood serum and Histological measurements detected ovary progression of the common carp from sexual stage III to V, during autumn to spring.


It could be concluded that, 4500 IU/kg of hCG and 3 cPE combination had successfully induced the oocyte maturation in Liza ramada fish reared in brackish water under captivity out of season and a higher dose would induce the ovulation and spawning.



Annual reproductive cycle of the captive female Japanese sardineSardinops melanostictus: Relationship to ovarian development and serum levels of gonadal steroid hormones

The effects of several steroids on the maturation of follicle-enclosed oocytes of sardine were examined in vitro, and 17α,20β-P was found to be the most potent inducer of maturation.

Reproductive development and plasma levels of reproductive hormones of goldeye, Hiodon alosoides (Rafinesque), taken from the North Saskatchewan River during the open-water season

Changes in gonadal condition and plasma levels of gonadotropin and sex steroids were measured in goldeye (Hiodon alosoides) captured from the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton, Alberta, from May to

Endocrine and gonadal changes during the annual reproductive cycle of the freshwater teleost,Stizostedion vitreum

The results indicate that vitellogenesis and spermatogenesis are complete or nearly so, in walleye by early winter, and suggest that it may be possible to induce spawning in this species several months prior to the normal spawning season by subjecting fish to relatively simple environmental and hormonal treatments.

Gonadal morphology, enzyme histochemistry and plasma steroid levels during the annual reproductive cycle of male and female brown bullhead catfish, Ictalurus nebulosus Lesueur

Significant differences in GSI and plasma steroid levels during the pre-spawning and spawning periods were observed between the two yearly cycles; they may be related to differences in rainfall during these periods.

Seasonal changes in plasma levels of steroid hormones in an asynchronous fish the gudgeon Gobio gobio L. (Teleostei, Cyprinidae).

Histological analysis of the ovary indicated that an important number of spawnings has occurred since the proportion of oocytes in final maturation stage was very low, and fish in the regressive phase also presented high steroid levels.

Annual Reproductive Cycle of the Common Snook: Endocrine Correlates of Maturation

During the summer months, levels of the sex steroid hormones estradiol-17β (E2) and testosterone (T) in females were significantly elevated above basal winter values and mean gonadosomatic index (GSI) was also significantly elevated in females during summer.

Seasonal fluctuations in gonadotropin levels in the plasma and gonads of male and female tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus

The results imply a close interaction between environmental cues and endocrine control of reproduction, which cannot be sustained without the appropriate environmental cues required to stimulate reproduction.

Diurnal rhythm of serum steroid hormone levels in the Japanese whiting, Sillago japonica, a daily-spawning teleost

The results indicate that the Japanese whiting possesses a diurnal rhythm of oocyte development including vitellogenesis, oocyte maturation and ovulation, and suggest that daily cycles in oocyte growth and maturation which simultaneously take place in an ovary are regulated by diurnal secretions of estradiol-17β and the maturation-inducing steroid, 17α,20β-diOHprog.