Study on reliability of metal fuse for sub-100nm technology

  title={Study on reliability of metal fuse for sub-100nm technology},
  author={D. W. Park and Chang-Suk Hyun and Hyun-Chul Kim and Hyuck-Jin Kang and Kang-Yoon Lee and Kyung-Seok Oh},
  journal={ISSM 2005, IEEE International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing, 2005.},
Tungsten bit line fuse has been used for years in repair application but it fails during BOC (board on chip) package PCT (pressure cooker test) because of its weakness to corrosion. We searched for new material against corrosion, and metal-1 aluminum fuse was set up. Although there is no failure in PCT, we have found a fatal failure in IMD (inter-metal… CONTINUE READING