Study on high-strength plastic teeth. Tooth discoloration.

  title={Study on high-strength plastic teeth. Tooth discoloration.},
  author={Yoshikazu Satoh and Eiichi Nagai and M Azaki and Masako Morikawa and Tatsuo Ohyama and Hitoshi Toyoma and Synichi Itoh and Hiroki Sakurai and Atsuo Iwasawa and Masaki Ohwa},
  journal={The Journal of Nihon University School of Dentistry},
  volume={35 3},
Conventional plastic teeth (CV teeth) are inferior to porcelain teeth in maintaining an adequate esthetic appearance with wear and discoloration, and thus have a shorter period of durability. Recently, high-strength plastic teeth (HS teeth) have been developed and applied to overcome the wear problems of CV teeth. Since HS teeth made of hard resin are still susceptible to staining with pigments, it has been observed that the esthetics of removable partial dentures made from such plastic teeth… CONTINUE READING
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