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Study on biological properties of Macrophya pilotheca.

  title={Study on biological properties of Macrophya pilotheca.},
  author={She Desong and Feng Fu-juan},
  journal={Journal of Zhejiang Forestry Science and Technology},
Macrophya pilotheca damages Ligustrum sinense and L.vicaryi in Lishui,Zhejiang province.It has one generation a year,6 instars and overwinters with mature larva in cocoons on soil.Larvae begin to pupate in late February,emergence in middle March,lay eggs on mesophyll of the back of leaf,and eggs hatch on late March.Larvae begin mining into soil by cocoon on late April or early May,oversummer and overwinter from late May.Emergence could last one month and be inconformity because of rainy days… Expand
The natural enemies of privets (iLigustrum/i: Oleaceae): a literature review, with particular reference to biological control.
The lists were compiled to identify and assess those natural enemies occurring on Ligustrum robustum in its indigenous Asian range as part of a classical biological control programme for the island of La Réunion, where this privet species has become a problematic invasive alien weed. Expand