Study on Ultimate Performance of Light-duty Electro-Hydraulic Torque-Load Simulator


In order to improve the ultimate performance of Light-Duty Load Simulator, a design with electro-hydraulic loading scheme is discussed in this paper. Some key points of the mechanism of Light-Duty Electro-Hydraulic Load Simulator (HLS) are researched and revealed. Based on analysis of mathematical model and control strategy, a compound controller including disturbance observer, fuzzy-PID and velocity synchronizing decoupling compensation is designed. Results of experiments show that the compound controller improves the ultimate performance of system. In application to a special aircraft actuator test, the HLS is demanded to track the reference signal with small amplitude and high frequency for emulating the state of spring board loading system. For the special test, a new compensation network is created. Results of simulation show its effects on reducing the tracing error.

DOI: 10.1109/RAMECH.2008.4681471

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@article{Shang2008StudyOU, title={Study on Ultimate Performance of Light-duty Electro-Hydraulic Torque-Load Simulator}, author={Yaoxing Shang and Shuai Wu and Zongxia Jiao and Xiaodong Wang}, journal={2008 IEEE Conference on Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics}, year={2008}, pages={387-392} }