Study on Size Reduction of Quasi-Sierpinski Carpet Microstrip Antenna

  • Guodong Han, Changqing Gu
  • Published 2006 in
    2006 7th International Symposium on Antennas…


In this paper, several novel contracted antenna structures are proposed, in contrast to the conventional Sierpinski carpet microstrip antenna. The novel antenna structures have cross-shaped fractal slots, U-shaped fractal slots and Hilbert slots incorporated into, respectively. In the geometries of these antennas, the 2 nd order U-shaped fractal slot, Hilbert slot and cross-shaped fractal slot are embed on the 1 st order antenna patch elements, and the 1st order ones on the 2n patch elements. The effects of slots' width and length on antenna's return loss and resonance frequencies are discussed and their appropriate values are found. These novel slot microstrip antennas can all make the resonance frequencies decrease and reduce the original antenna size effectively. Compared the results with each other, Hilbert slots can reduce the antenna size most obviously.

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