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Study on Rapid Propagation of Russelia Equisetiformis

  title={Study on Rapid Propagation of Russelia Equisetiformis},
  author={Xie Li-juan},
  journal={Journal of Shenzhen Polytechnic},
  • Xie Li-juan
  • Published 2006
  • Biology
  • Journal of Shenzhen Polytechnic
  • With top buds and stem segments (with axillary's buds) as explants, tissue culture of Russelia equisetiformis was studied. The results showed that, firstly, media MS + 6-BA2.0mg/L + NAA0.8mg/L was most appropriate for induction of axillary's buds; secondly, media MS + 6-BA1.0mg/L + NAA0.5mg/L was most effective for differentiation and propagation of rosette buds; thirdly, media MS + NAA0.6mg/L was optimal for rooting, with the rooting rate of 100%.