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Study on Landscape Sensitivity Determination along Driftage Route——A Case Study on Shangqing Stream Driftage in Taining,Fujian

  title={Study on Landscape Sensitivity Determination along Driftage Route——A Case Study on Shangqing Stream Driftage in Taining,Fujian},
  author={Liu Zhi-guo},
  journal={Journal of Guilin Institute of Tourism},
  • Liu Zhi-guo
  • Published 2007
  • Geography
  • Journal of Guilin Institute of Tourism
The driftage is a new kind of traveling project which has great potential.For an example of Shangqing stream the landscape along the driftage route is graded according to sensitivity level with GIS technology.According to different landscape sensitivity levels the landscape plan and protection strategies have been presented.Its conclusions provide the scientific foundation for developing and evaluation of the landscapes along driftage route. 
The Application of GIS Technology in Urban Landscape Planning and Design in China
  • Zhang Yi-chuan, Qiao Li-fang
  • Geography
  • 2008 International Workshop on Education Technology and Training & 2008 International Workshop on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
  • 2008
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Application of GIS Technology in Chinese Tourism
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The Application of GIS Technology in Tourism Resources Management
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