Study on Image Deformation Simulation Based on ARM Linux and OpenGL ES


Graphic image deformation is widely used in many applications such as automation, video game, advertising design and virtual surgical system. In order to develop the image deformation simulation of tissues in virtual surgery system running at embedded platform, we design and implement the embedded image deformation simulation based on OpenGL ES (Open Graphics Library for Embedded Systems), by applying improved mass-spring model, with ARM-Linux, an embedded development platform, and open source OpenGL ES. First, the improved 3D mass-spring model is used to accurately simulate the force status of tissues. Second, Verlet integration is adopted to calculate the position of mass points during deformation procedure. At last, with bilinear interpolation method and OpenGL ES, grid deformation graphics are shown in the embedded platform of ARM-Linux, implementing the image deformation simulation. The experimental results have shown that the design methods we proposed for embedded image deformation simulation are portable, real-time and cost-effective.

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