[Study on Flavonoids in Buddleja lindleyana Fruits].


OBJECTIVE To study the flavonoids in the fruits of Buddleja lindleyana. METHODS The compounds were separated by repeated silica gel, RP-18 and Sephadex LH-20. Their structures were elucidated on the basis of chemical evidence and spectral data. RESULTS Five flavonoids were isolated and identified as luteolin (1), tricin (2), acacetin (3), acacetin-7-O… (More)


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@article{Yu2015StudyOF, title={[Study on Flavonoids in Buddleja lindleyana Fruits].}, author={Hao Yu and Ya-shuo Ren and De-ling Wu and Feng-qing Xu and Wei Zhang}, journal={Zhong yao cai = Zhongyaocai = Journal of Chinese medicinal materials}, year={2015}, volume={38 4}, pages={758-60} }