Study on Filtration Device Using Nanoparticles and Its Characteristics for Molecular Separation

  title={Study on Filtration Device Using Nanoparticles and Its Characteristics for Molecular Separation},
  author={Jae Sung Yoon and Nguyen Thi Kim Phuong and Jeong Hwan Kim and Kwanoh Kim and Doo-sun Choi and Seungmin Hyun and Yeong-Eun Yoo},
Extended Abstract Since the importance of water treatment and reuse is becoming greater, a lot of filtration devices and membranes have been developed so far. And technical demands for finer filtration, or separation, have been increased recently, so many researchers have focused on achieving smaller filtration sizes with filters, membranes and related devices, accordingly. Although modern fabrication techniques have shown various opportunities for that purpose, it is still challenging to… 



Purification of Stormwater Using Sand Filter

Rain water is an important source to feed the groundwater aquifer, whether directly or by harvesting and recharging. The importance of purification is for reducing the risk of pollutants from

Self-assembly of Arg-Phe nanostructures via the solid-vapor phase method.

It is shown that a stable lamellar structure is formed containing a thin layer of water in between the RF8 peptides that is stabilized by H-bonding, and a concentration-triggered mechanism was suggested.

Method for manufacturing nano hole and filter manufactured by the same

본 발명은 수 나노미터 및 수 나노미터 이하의 스케일의 나노 홀을 용이하고 간단하게 제조할 수 있는 나노 홀의 제조방법 및 이에 의해 제조된 필터에 관한 것으로, 서로 대향하는 두 면을 관통하는 나노 또는 마이크로 스케일의 직경을 가지는 관통구가 형성된 몸체를 준비하는 준비단계; 상기 관통구에 상기 관통구의 직경보다 작은 직경을 가지는 입자를 주입시켜

Self-Assembly of a Designed Alternating Arginine/Phenylalanine Oligopeptide.

A model octapeptide peptide consisting of an alternating sequence of arginine (Arg) and phenylalanine (Phe) residues, namely, [Arg-Phe]4, was prepared and its self-assembly in solution studied, allowing for unique insights into the aggregation process and the structure of the self-assembled motifs.