Study on Best Wavelet Packet Based Independent Threshold De-noising for MUAP

  title={Study on Best Wavelet Packet Based Independent Threshold De-noising for MUAP},
  author={T. T. Yuan and Quan Liu and Qingsong Ai},
  journal={2010 Second World Congress on Software Engineering},
Currently, wavelet packet technology is widely used in Electromyography (EMG) signal de-noising. However, most of these methods use global threshold to remove the noises from EMG signal. This paper proposes a new method, different nodes use different thresholds. The detected EMG signal is the summation of motor unit action potential (MUAP) trains from all active motor units. In our method, we use emglab software to abstract the MUAP of EMG, then calculate the best wavelet package tree and deal… CONTINUE READING

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